Get results from your emails

We all know how frustrating it is when people don't reply to our emails, or they reply to some but not all of your questions.

You will write clearer, more concise emails after this course. Your open and response rate will improve. No longer will you have to follow up numerous times.

Get results from your emails

What you'll learn

  • Email etiquette

    Emails have their own conventions and everyone always appreciates courtesy. Assess your email management skills and your email etiquette.

  • How to write emails that get results

    You'll learn techniques, such as how to write specific subject lines and get to the point, that will help you get better results from your emails.

  • How to write difficult emails

    Some emails, such as saying 'no' or giving critical feedback, can be hard to write. You'll learn some tips to help you handle these difficult emails.

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Meet your instructor

  • Mary Morel


    Mary Morel

    I've been working with words most of my career – as a writer, consultant and teacher. 

    I started my career as a secondary school teacher, then worked as a freelance writer and editor for many years before migrating into the corporate world, working as an editor and business-writing trainer.

    In recent years, I've specialised in creating online writing and grammar courses, and working with individuals and organisations to improve their board papers.

    I've written three books, including, Write to Govern: How to write effective board papers.

    I'm a Kiwi-Aussie based in Sydney, but my courses are used by people around the world.