Improve your English

This course is suitable for non-native English speakers.

There's lots of free stuff on the internet, but what makes this course different is the simple clear explanations. You learn by watching videos and doing quizzes. You also receive comprehensive information sheets for future reference.

This is not a comprehensive grammar course. Instead it covers the areas that many people struggle with, such as what verb tense or preposition to use in a sentence.

Improve your English

What you'll learn

  • Verbs

    The present, past and future tenses are made up of four aspects: simple, continuous, perfect and perfect continuous. You'll learn when to use each aspect so your writing flows well.

  • Prepositions

    Many native English speakers can often not tell you why they use certain prepositions. For example, what's the difference between 'at the station' and 'in the station'? This course explains such differences.

  • And more

    You'll also learn about determiners (a, an and the), where adverbs go in a sentence and get some tips on subject-verb agreement (e.g. 'staff' can take a singular or plural verb depending on the meaning).

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You have access for one year

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  • Price

    The price is in Australian dollars and includes Australian GST.

  • How long do I have access to the course for?

    You have access to the course for one year.

  • How long will this course take?

    This course will take you approximately six hours to complete.

  • Will I receive a certificate at the end?

    You will receive a certificate of completion.