Improve your grammar

with Mary Morel

A better understanding of grammar and punctuation will improve your writing.

You may wish to learn more about grammar and punctuation to avoid embarrassing mistakes, such as putting apostrophes in the wrong place. Yes, you will definitely make fewer mistakes once you've completed this course.

But you will also learn much more than that. When you have a deeper understanding of how language works, your writing will be clearer and more precise.

This course is suitable for anyone in the workplace who wishes to improve their professionalism.

Many organisations buy an annual licence for their employees. Contact me to learn more (details below).

Improve your grammar

What you'll learn

  • Grammar rules

    The first part of this course looks at grammar. After you've brushed up on grammar terms, the course covers common grammar mistakes, such as pronoun problems and agreement issues.

    Language isn't static, so the course also looks at what grammar rules have changed. You may discover that not everything you learnt at school is true today.

  • How to punctuate well

    Punctuation mistakes are common. Often punctuation mistakes are just irritating, but sometimes they matter. For example, a misplaced comma can completely change the meaning of a sentence.

    You'll learn punctuation rules, such as how to use apostrophes, when to use hyphens, how to use commas for clarity and the difference between colons and semicolons.

  • Use modern styles

    The third part of this course looks at usage, which is all about styles. You'll learn the modern styles for initial capitals, bulleted lists, dates and measurement, spacing and more.

    There's no universal agreement about some styles, so you need to choose styles wisely and use them consistently. The course recommends some useful style guides.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    • Welcome
    • Download e-books and glossary
    • Useful website references
  • 2
    Grammar introduction
    • Grammar introduction
  • 3
    Grammar terms
    • Grammar terms
    • Sentence terms (video)
    • Adjectives (video)
    • Adverbs (video)
    • Conjunctions (video)
    • Determiners (video)
    • Nouns (video)
    • Prepositions (video)
    • Pronouns (video)
    • Verbs (video)
    • Parts of speech (quiz 1)
    • Parts of speech (quiz 2)
    • Parts of speech (quiz 3)
  • 4
    Common grammar issues
    • Common grammar issues
    • Agreement (video)
    • Agreement (quiz)
    • Parallelism (video)
    • Parallelism (quiz)
    • Active and passive voice (video)
    • Active and passive voice (quiz)
    • Pronoun problems (video)
    • Pronoun problems (quiz)
  • 5
    Grammar myths and changing times
    • Grammar myths
    • Grammar myths (video)
    • Grammar myths quiz
    • The times they are a-changing
    • The times they are a-changing (video)
    • The times they are a-changing (quiz)
  • 6
    Punctuation introduction
    • Punctuation introduction
  • 7
    Abbreviations, ampersands and apostrophes
    • Abbreviations
    • Abbreviations (quiz)
    • Ampersands
    • Ampersands (quiz)
    • Apostrophes
    • Apostrophes (video)
    • Apostrophes (quiz)
  • 8
    Capitals, colons and semicolons, and commas
    • Capitals, colons and semicolons, and commas
    • Capitalisation
    • Capitals (quiz)
    • Semicolons (video)
    • Colons and semicolons (quiz)
    • Commas (video)
    • Comma (quiz)
  • 9
    Dashes, ellipses, exclamation marks and full stops
    • Dashes, ellipses, exclamation marks and full stops
    • Dashes
    • Ellipses
    • Exclamation marks