Grammar matters 

People often judge others based on their grammar. Just talk to any senior manager, recruiter or good writer and they'll tell you how annoying poor grammar is.  

Many people missed out on grammar at school. It wasn't taught for a while because the experts believed children would enjoy writing more if they didn't have to worry about the rules.

It's true that we do all have an intuitive understanding of the rules that underpin the language. Problems arise when:

  • You know your writing is not grammatically correct, but you don't know why or how to fix it.
  • You accept as true some myths you learnt at school. ('You can't start a sentence with However or But.')
  • You look up a grammar issue on the internet, but give up because the explanation is written in incomprehensible grammar jargon.

When you improve your grammar, you'll write better and feel more confident about your writing.

Practical grammar with Mary Morel

Grammar is not easy. I'd be kidding you if I said it was, but the more you know the easier and more enjoyable it becomes. 

This course teaches 'practical grammar'. I tell you the traditional rules, but also debunk some myths and explain how language is changing.

I've used the term 'grammar' broadly in the description above, but in this course, I distinguish between grammar, punctuation and usage. They are separate, but interrelated aspects of grammar. 

This course is in Australian and British English, but is still relevant for people who use American English. Most of the rules are the same and where there are differences, I point them out. American users just have to accept a few different spellings (e.g. colour instead of color). 

Comments from previous users include:

'A comprehensive overview of the common mistakes in professional writing, along with a realistic understanding of how grammar has evolved.'

'Very informative and practical.'

'If you want to improve your writing skills, do this course.'

Course curriculum

Part 1: Grammar
Part 2: Punctuation

What's included?

19 Videos
22 Quizzes
1 Survey
28 Texts
Mary Morel
Mary Morel

About the instructor

I've been working with words most of my career – as a writer and teacher. 

In recent years, I've specialised in creating online writing and grammar courses, and working with individuals and organisations to improve their board papers. I've written three books, including, Write to Govern.

I'm a Kiwi-Aussie based in Sydney, but my courses are used by people around the world. 

You can read more about my work at and You can also read some reviews of my work on my LinkedIn page.

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